The project "Warsaw 2008 - 2018" is a record of images from the life of the city, pulsating in front of ones eyes with the intensity of colors and of the silhouettes of inhabitants suspended between the dynamic contemporary life and traces of history, architectural vagaries and enclaves of nature, looped in an endless maze of streets.

Summer 2009, Moniuszki Street, the famous wallpaper in  Cafe Grażynka  will soon disappear from the map of Warsaw. Soon after, a comment will appear on the web: "I would not blame anyone for the fall of Grażynka, except for the invisible hand of the economy.  A photo wallpaper stained with mucous feces, grandmothers as waitresses and a restroom as if from a closed railway station in a provincial town - it was  an open-air museum, there is no need to hide it, but for visiting open-air museums people should pay voluntarily. "

April 2014, number 64 Koszykowa Street. The owner, Elżbieta Wichrowska, pampers the hairdresser's shop window, famous in Warsaw, which has existed until today, in an unchanged condition, for 110 years. Marshal Józef Piłsudski had a haircut and his mustache curled  by her former boss. She has been working here since 1973.  The venue, which remembers World War II and its underground activity, appeared in 2014 in the film "Jack Strong" by Władysław Pasikowski. The shop window was the protagonist, while Mrs. Wichrowska hosted the film crew.


Warsaw is undecided, aggressive, arrogant, courageous, vain and ambitious.